Where is Your Dry Cleaning Going?

Jul 10, 2023Uncategorized0 comments

Most clients at a dry cleaners don’t really know what is happening to their clothes and where they are going. With Best Cleaners and New Brand Cleaners, our experts are cleaning each item that comes through our cleaners with 100 years of combined service. Let me tell you about the process!

“So, what goes on in the production plant?”

Each article of clothing or household item is individually checked in with a barcode that allows us to track it throughout the whole process in the production plant. After being barcoded and put in our system by our wonderful front counter workers, we separate each item into specified bags that are dry cleaning, no starch, light starch, heavy starch, and household. They are then taken to our production plant by our drivers every morning and afternoon where the experts take delicate care of each item you trust us with. Fun fact— all laundered shirts go through the hands of at least 7 of our experts in the production plant, so you know your shirts are taken care of! The clothes are then taken to its original location by our drivers and racked by our front counter managers.

Some dry cleaners send their clothes off to another production plant, but all pieces brought into any of our 5 stores or picked up by our drivers are brought back to our very own top tier production plant.

Alongside of production for our own customers, we proudly provide cleaning and services for THREE other small business dry cleaners in the surrounding counties of Maury County!

It is always our pleasure and honor you trust us with your clothes and household items!